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The adoption process here at New Moon Farm is designed to ensure the best possible match for both goats and adopters. We want our goats to find safe, loving families, and we want people to find the goats that fulfill their needs and wishes. In other words, we want everyone to be happy!

Our requirements are based on what is best for the goats. We look for safe, secure fencing, adequate shelter, land free of toxic plants and families that either know or are willing to learn about what it takes to properly care for goats. We do not adopt goats out alone – single goats are only adopted out to homes that already have another goat or horse. We do not adopt goats out for breeding or milk production. To this end, we do home inspections before approving most adoptions, have a thorough adoption contract, and offer instruction on basic care to all of our adopters.

We encourage potential adopters to check out the questions listed under Are Goats Right For Me? in the Goat Care Basics section of our website. If you are ready for  your goats, the first step is to fill out the adoption application below, or print our adoption application and submit it to our Adoption Coordinator.

The second step is a home visit, which our Adoption Coordinator will arrange with you. We will come out to your place to ensure that all is well. We will walk the fence line looking for potential escape routes (and predator access), as well as checking all gates. We will assess the shelter to make sure that it is adequate for the number of goats being adopted, and that it is always accessible for the goats. We will keep an eye out for toxic plants, and educate potential adopters about what to watch out for. Finally, we will assess any animals currently on the property for apparent health and maintenance.

Once that’s done, the Adoption Coordinator will schedule an appointment for you to come out to the farm and meet the herd! Take a look at the  available goats page to see who is currently available. We have learned that the best way for folks to find the perfect match is to get out in the field and interact with the animals! See what attracts you, see who you connect with. Here at the rescue, people are often “chosen” by a goat, often one very different than what they thought they wanted. (For more information about selecting a goat, please see our Goat Care Basics page.)

Please go to our online adoption application to start the adoption process. Or you can download the Adoption Application PDF Version, complete all fields, and e-mail it to: [email protected]. You can also print the form and mail it to: New Moon Farm Adoptions, 7223 Grandview Rd, Arlington, WA, 98223.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 844-GET-GOAT  ext. 1 for more information.

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