Board of Directors


New Moon Farm is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization overseen by a board of diverse individuals driven to fulfill the mission of the rescue and sanctuary.

Melissa Fanucci




I have been a volunteer with New Moon Farm since 2012 and have served as Goatalympics Show Manager, Secretary, and Webmaster until this year. I’m excited about helping lead this fabulous organization into the future with a deeper focus on education, outreach and of course, compassion and care for goats in need.

When not working for New Moon Farm I’m a certified planner, an avid equestrian, volunteer with Italian Greyhound Rescue Northwest, and writer. My husband Maxx and I  have one horse, three goats, and four dogs.

Goats are intelligent, curious, funny, and wonderful companions, and I love that New Moon Farm strives to help care for goats in need, educate goat owners on optimal care, and organizes events and activities that people can enjoy with their goats. Contact Melissa

Deanna Moreau


Vice President & Adoptions Coordinator


I’ve lived in Arlington for 10 years and share my home with Randy and a bunch of pets that currently include 4 New Moon Farm goats, many chickens, 3 barn cats, 2 spoiled dogs and several worm farms. I’ve been self employed in the construction industry for 23 years and love it. It allows me some flexibility to spend time with the animals as well as boating, fishing, and working in my garden and greenhouse. I enjoy doing crafty things and usually have several projects in the works. We do quite a bit of hiking in the fall and winter and added our goats to the hiking plan a few years ago.

I started volunteering at New Moon Farm in 2011. I’ve made great friends and met so many amazing people. I am enjoying all the committees, board meetings, trim teams and so many fundraisers as well as my roll as the adoption coordinator.

The goats make it rewarding but the people make it really fun. Contact Deanna

Christine Kellogg


Secretary & Intake Coordinator


I got my first two goats off Craigslist in 2011 to combat a blackberry problem on my property. It quickly turned into a love affair, two more goats, and a quest for knowledge on how to care for my new caprine friends. That’s how I found Goats 101 classes offered by New Moon Farm. After taking the class, I volunteered for the monthly Trim Team, wanting to give my time to this amazing cause while learning how to better care for my own herd. Now,  I’m Secretary, Intake Coordinator, Board Member, and huge supporter of New Moon Farm! Contact Christine

Kendra Lynch




There are two reasons why I started volunteering at New Moon Farm: the first being to help my friend, and secondly to support the important work  helping animals.

When I am not on the farm or working in pet care services you can find me hiking, floating rivers off up in the mountains playing in the snow.

Ellen Felsenthal


Founder & Farm Director


After many years working with cat, dog and horse rescue, I decided to open a goat rescue simply because no one else had. There seemed to be a gap in the rescue system – nowhere for these amazingly intelligent, personable, vibrant creatures to go. When I took in my first goat Ziggy in 1999, I had no idea that New Moon Farm would grow into the strong, effective organization that is it today. I feel extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a team of like-minded, compassionate individuals, who value this cause as much as I do.

I share my home with 5 cats, 2 dogs, 2 horses, 2 donkeys, 9 goats and a sheep, all rescues. Not to mention, of course, all of the residents of NMF. I am the senior Photography faculty member at Everett Community College, where I have been teaching since 1999. When not working at the college or on the farm, you’ll find me out in the woods with my horses. Contact Ellen

Jacque Knight


Events Coordinator


Info about Jacque coming soon!

Contact Jacque

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