Courtesy Listings


Because we know there are a lot of great goats that need new homes, we’ve decided to provide this “courtesy listing” service, sharing goats that are looking for homes but are not part of the New Moon Farm rescue.

This is a place where individuals can list their own goats. We have not seen these goats in person, and do not necessarily know the owners.  New Moon Farm takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the description, the condition of the animals, or any aspect of the transaction. We are offering this free service simply to help connect those looking to place their pet goats with other pet owners.

Note: we will ALWAYS accept goats that were adopted from New Moon Farm. Please contact our Intake Coordinator at if you have adopted your goat from us and need to return him/her.

Note that we are located in Arlington, Washington and only list does and wethers.

Available Goats


Name: Nanny

Age: 2-3 years old

Gender: Doe

Breed: Saanen

Re-Homing Fee: $50

Contact: Kathleen by Email or by Phone: 360-853-7186

Info: Nanny is a calm and gentle goat that enjoys company and doesn’t like being alone.

List Your Goat(s)

Please fill out the form below to list your goat on this free service. This list also serves as a waiting list for the times we are at capacity, so please provide as much information about your pet as you can. Please read the following specifications:

  • We do not list goats for sale by breeders or from production herds. We will list does and wethers only, no bucks.
  • We require that a reasonable re-homing fee is charged for all goats. This discourages buyers looking for meat animals, and insures that a buyer has the means to care for the animal(s) properly.
  • New Moon Farm is offering this service on a trial basis and makes no guarantees. We reserve the right to delete listings that do not meet our criteria, and will ban users who make false statements or abuse the service.
  • Please fill out the form below as accurately as possible. Information you will need to have on hand includes the gender, approximate age, and breed of each goat; size of goat; whether or not any special care is needed; whether the goat has been seen by a veterinarian in the past year, and is current on vaccinations, de-worming, and hoof trims; and we require that you include a photo with your listing.