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Because we know there are a lot of great goats that need new homes, we’ve decided to provide this “courtesy listing” service, sharing goats that are looking for homes but are not part of the New Moon Farm rescue.

This is a place where individuals can list their own goats. We have not seen these goats in person, and do not necessarily know the owners.  New Moon Farm takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the description, the condition of the animals, or any aspect of the transaction. We are offering this free service simply to help connect those looking to place their pet goats with other pet owners.

Note: we will ALWAYS accept goats that were adopted from New Moon Farm. Please contact our Intake Coordinator at [email protected] if you have adopted your goat from us and need to return him/her.

Note that we are located in Arlington, Washington and only list does and wethers.

Available Goats


Age: 3

Gender: Wether

Breed: Lamancha

Re-homing fee: $59

Contact: Eric at  [email protected]  / tel: (323) 333-6954

Description: We adopted Yoda at as a newborn when he was two days old. He was unable to walk for two months due to a bacterial infection. He was partly raised by our dachshund. Our rescue llama is pregnant and we are afraid he will buck her.


Age: 4

Gender: Doe

Breed: French Alpine

Re-homing fee: $75

Contact: Heather at [email protected]  / tel: (206) 488-9932

Description:~Located in Southern Oregon~
Lily is an exceedingly sweet gentle doe. She has been living with chickens for the last year and is in desperate need of companionship from another herd animal. She is great with adults, children, dogs, and cats. As you can see in the picture she even lets the chickens ride around on her back. She walks pretty easily on a lead. She has never been anything but sweet and curious. I took Lily in a year ago for a friend fleeing a bad situation. I was only supposed to have her for a few weeks but that has stretched an entire year at this point. The friend I have been fostering her for finally realized that another farm is not in her immediate future and agreed to let her go so she wont be lonely any more. I love her and would gladly keep her, but I am not set up properly for it and I don’t really know what I’m doing. Even though I would love to have her around I accept that I am not the best person to take care of her forever.

I know that she has had one set of twins a few years ago. Last year (before she was in my care) a predator got to her and she is missing half of her right ear. It healed really nicely though and never got infected. The last time she was seen by a vet was about two years ago and she was given a clean bill of health at that time. I really want this amazing, gentle soul to find the best forever home where she has companionship and proper care from a goat savvy person. If you or someone you know can give this kind gentle soul the life she deserves please contact me.

John and Greta

Age: 7

Gender: 1 doe, 1 wether

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Goat, Pygmy

Re-homing fee: $50

Contact: Amanda Cain: [email protected] /   tel:(484) 459-4137

Description:John and Greta are  sweet, gentle, friendly goats. They have been living with chickens. Ideally they would stay together. They have grown up with lots of fresh vegetation and TLC. We have to move and are unable to take them (or the other animals) with us. We want them to go to a good, caring home.

Buck, Dove, Sam and Dean

Age: 5

Gender: 3 Wethers, 1 Doe

Breed: Pygmy

Re-homing fee: $200

Contact: KD “Kadie” [email protected] / 760-267-8814

Description:Buck is surgically castrated (at about 2.5 years old). He is the herd leader, but he is very protective of humans and small children. He has a cute little knicker, but generally very quiet. Loves baby carrots. About 4 years old based on teeth and size.

Doe is the only female and the mom of the two younger boys. She is grey agouti. She is very sweet and chatty. Loves grain. She is the oldest at about 5.

Sam is the darker of the two twins. He borders between standard coat in winter and a brown agouti in the summer. He is the most skittish of the bunch. Born 3/14/16 (Pi Day). Wether.

Dean is the more outgoing and friendly of the twins. He is very chatty, but has a lot of character and we swear a sense of humor. He loves his grain and is more dog than goat. Wether.

The goats have been trained to protect humans and interact gently with small children. They don’t rough house humans. They all have their horns.

We are moving overseas and our rehoming contact fell through. We prefer the family stay together. We will give you enough hay, grain, buckets, and supplies to carry you through winter and spring. We just want the best for our babes. We are willing to have people come by to meet the goats and to make sure it’s a good fit.

All were given booster shots last March, and are ready for yearly vaccinations. They take agrimycin like champs. This is a bonded, highly socially family.

Ted, Pig, and Zena

Age: 4

Gender: 2 Wethers, 1 Doe

Breed: Pygmy

Re-homing fee: $200

Contact: Aaron [email protected] / 510-921-4713

Description:3 Pygmy goat’s. 1 spayed female, 2 neutered male. Dehorned. Very friendly and very spoiled. Family pets that have a covered enclosure and a 1 acre pasture. They choose to stay in their pen and eat grain and feed. We are looking for a good home for them as my mom is getting older and cannot keep up with them anymore. Free to a good checked home as we care about them a lot. Thanks

List Your Goat(s)

Please fill out the form below to list your goat on this free service. This list also serves as a waiting list for the times we are at capacity, so please provide as much information about your pet as you can. Please read the following specifications:

  • We do not list goats for sale by breeders or from production herds. We will list does and wethers only, no bucks.
  • We require that a reasonable re-homing fee is charged for all goats. This discourages buyers looking for meat animals, and insures that a buyer has the means to care for the animal(s) properly.
  • New Moon Farm is offering this service on a trial basis and makes no guarantees. We reserve the right to delete listings that do not meet our criteria, and will ban users who make false statements or abuse the service.
  • Please fill out the form below as accurately as possible. Information you will need to have on hand includes the gender, approximate age, and breed of each goat; size of goat; whether or not any special care is needed; whether the goat has been seen by a veterinarian in the past year, and is current on vaccinations, de-worming, and hoof trims; and we require that you include a photo with your listing.

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