In the spring of 2012 we received a call from a woman in Portland. She had a baby goat, but not knowing what he needed, she was feeding him milk from the store, cereal and crackers. He got very sick, lost weight, and had chronic diarrhea. She brought Joe to us because she was afraid he would die.

When Joe arrived it was clear his growth was stunted. He was emaciated and full of parasites, and had a torn ear from catching his ear tag on something. His feet had never been trimmed. After his quarantine Joe joined the adoptable herd, but even after six months he had intermittent digestive problems and didn’t grow an inch.

Our vet feared that he had permanent damage from his early months and that his days were limited. So we moved Joe to our sanctuary herd so we could care for him until he passed.
But within weeks he started growing! He filled out, began to play, and turned into a regular, happy goat. We figure he just needed to know he was home.

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