Nigel Tuffnel came to NMF with his brother Derek when their small herd was surrendered to the rescue because their family was moving. Nigel was the most skittish of the group, and very dependent on Derek. The pair was adopted by a great family, but unfortunately things didn’t work out and they were returned. They were both still quite worried about people, and didn’t want to be handled by anyone except our founder.

We recognized that these two had been through a lot of change, and that it had be very hard for them. The fact that they were no less scared of people than when they were adopted told us that they were going to need a more patient home than most. Ultimately, we decided that it would be best for them if they stayed here at the sanctuary, where they at least felt comfortable with one person. Over the years Derek has become quite social, but Nigel is still wary of all but a few people. We are glad that we can provide him with a home where there is no pressure to socialize with anyone he doesn’t want to.

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