Waylon joined our family in the summer of 2006. He came to the rescue as part of a group of goats from a breeder who was in way over her head. “Accidental” breedings and an unwillingness to sell animals had led to extreme over-crowding and a lack of care for her herd. The farm was a mess – a barn so deep in manure the doors wouldn’t close, belly-deep mud that the goats couldn’t walk through, and unsafe fencing. Though we don’t usually take in animals from breeders, we had to step in.

Waylon was just a baby, and like many of his herd, with hoof rot, internal and external parasites, and coats covered in manure and mud. After caring for him round-the-clock, we decided to keep him here as part of the sanctuary herd.

Your sponsorship will support veterinary care, feeding, and other expenses at the rescue. Thank you so much for being part of our rescue efforts!