Goat Rental


We are often asked if we rent out our goats for clearing brush. Though we think this is a wonderful, green way to clear land, we do not offer this service. We are looking for permanent, loving homes for our goats. If you are looking for a goat rental service, we strongly recommend Rent A Ruminant (www.rentaruminant.com) for large jobs, and Amazin’ Grazers (www.amazingrazers.com) for small jobs.

These two companies are the only goat rental services in Western Washington that have proven that they truly care for the well being of their animals, and practice excellent husbandry. Other rental services are known to fail to provide their animals with basic care, have brought sick and injured goats to jobs, and have failed to provide secure fencing, allowing animals to get loose in residential and industrial areas. The ONLY goat rental services that we endorse are Rent A Ruminant and  Amazin’ Grazers!

Fostering goats

Though many people inquire about fostering goats, especially in the spring and summer, we do not have a foster program.  All of our available goats live at the rescue facility until permanent homes are found.

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