Goat Rental


We are often asked if we rent out our goats for clearing brush. Though we think this is a wonderful, green way to clear land, we do not offer this service. If you are looking for a goat rental service, we recommend Rent A Ruminant (www.rentaruminant.com).

This company is the only currently operating goat rental service in Western Washington that we know directly. Our experience is that many other rental services have failed to provide their animals with basic care, have brought sick and injured goats to jobs, and have failed to provide secure fencing, allowing animals to get loose in residential and industrial areas.

If you are looking to hire goats for clearing please do your research: How long have they been in business? What veterinarian do they work with? What kind of fencing do they use? Does the operator stay on site with the goats? Plus, ask for references and call them!