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New Moon Farm Sanctuary was founded on the idea that all beings, human and animal, deserve to live a happy, peaceful life in a safe, loving home. The goats, sheep and many other species that have passed through our gates have come to us from varied situations. Some were brought to us by animal control agencies after being seized for abuse or neglect. Some were the byproduct of the dairy industry; male kids who are seen only as meat, or does who no longer produced enough milk to be profitable. Some were victims of financial difficulties, their owners unable or unwilling to pay for necessary medical treatment. Some were simply no longer wanted by their families. But no matter why they came to us, we have worked to rehabilitate and find new, compassionate adopters with safe homes for each individual. Additionally, we are committed to providing our special needs Sanctuary Herd a loving, caring home for life.

We are constantly amazed at the resilience of these remarkable beings. Though they have endured the worst of humanity, they are quick to forgive and to love. Though they may suffer from physical or emotional pain, they find joy in every day. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a once-starving goat lying in a bed of soft hay as they eat. Or watching a sheep that has suffered life-threatening injuries leaping and playing. Or having a goat who was once terrified of people lie down to sleep with her head in a volunteer’s lap.

There is a deep feeling of peace on at New Moon Farm. The animals are content, and with all of their needs being met, they can show us their true personalities. They’re free to develop their own relationships with people as well as the other animals in the herd. It is our hope that as people learn about the depth and authenticity of their emotional lives, they will come to see that farmed animals are not so different from the animals they think of as pets. Recognizing all animals as individuals deserving of long, love-filled lives is the first step toward embracing a compassionate and cruelty-free lifestyle.


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